Bottega Veneta Is Selling Past-Season Bags as Part of Eco Push

Rue the day you decided to pass on Bottega Veneta’s Banana bag or Cabat tote? The Italian label is giving customers a second change to snag past-season designs with Bottega Series, a new section on its website offering archival accessories.

The section will restock monthly with a fresh curation of oldies but goodies. Currently on offer are the aforementioned Banana and Cabat, along with the Tote.

The initiative is part of Bottega Veneta’s sustainability efforts, announced at the Global Fashion Summit in Copenhagen earlier this month. Instead of priming customers to eschew old designs in favor of the latest and greatest, the label hopes that Bottega Series will encourage buyers to challenge the construct of seasons and rediscover its timeless classics.

The brand will also introduce a lifetime warranty on its bags, a further step to ensure longevity.

“In a society that stimulates clients to consume more and more frequently, our frame of mind is to maintain products in use for longer, reducing the need for replacement and, as a consequence, decreasing the environmental footprint,” Bottega CEO Leo Rongone told British Vogue. “True luxury requires time. We count days, not hours to make our products.”

Bottega Veneta has yet to announce how much repairs as part of its warranty program will cost, but don’t expect anything from the luxury house to come cheap. Bags released as part of Bottega Series sell for the last price they retailed at — after all, they’re not “past-season,” they’re timeless.

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