Crep Protect Launches Ultimate Magic Sponge Cleaner


Leading the pack in the realm of sneaker care, Crep Protect continues to expand its arsenal of cleaning essentials with the introduction of the new weapon in the Ultimate Magic Sponge.

As festival season rages on (to be honest, we’ve barely scratched the surface), I can only wonder how many pairs of sneakers have already been sacrificed to the sesh. We’ve all been there; one of our favorite pairs of kicks is the perfect finisher to the ‘fit, you’re out in the fields or on a beach absolutely carefree, and suddenly the weather takes a turn, and your sneakers start taking a pelting.

That sobering moment when you look down and your shoes look like they’ve been through the trenches can be heartbreaking – but Crep Protect’s growing line-up of shoe care products has all of the preventative and restorative essentials.

From Sneaker Shields to the Ultimate Shoe Care Start Pack and SKINS, there’s no excuse not to keep your kicks fresh. The latest addition to this arrangement is the Ultimate Magic Sponge.

Aside from not living in a pineapple under the sea, this piece of kit packs a punch when it comes to getting all of that festival grime off of your Nikes. Suitable for use on leather, plastic, and rubber, the easy-use sponge only requires a dunk in water to get to work. By sucking in and trapping dirt, it gets to work on getting you back on top form.

Best of all, they’re re-usable, proving an essential addition to any shoe care gallery. Before you head off to your next weekender, you can shop everything Crep Protect has to offer online.

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