G-SHOCK Revives Old School Characters on the DW-5600GU-7

There’s never a dull day in the life of a G-SHOCK watch collector; rarely will a week pass without a new timepiece worthy of throwing into rotation. Today is no different, as the DW-5600GU-7 gets dressed to the maximum with a nostalgic pattern of Masters of G characters.

Plenty of collectors have been documented over the years. Their passionate obsession is always a thing to behold. Never do they miss a beat, dedicating themselves to the pursuit of completion. Sneakerheads are perhaps the most common in our culture, though they’re not alone – Supreme, BE@RBRICKs, action figures, stamps, you name it.

Personally, I’d argue that the most prolific collector of all time is Star Wars’ General Grevious, and if he stepped into reality and decided it was time to switch out lightsabers for G-SHOCKs, I’m sure the new DW-5600GU-7 would make a fine addition to his collection.

There’s been plenty a watch on offer throughout the year from Casio’s iconic line of shock-resistant watches, with a number of collaborations bolstering that arsenal further. Many of these have been celebratory to a point, showcasing key moments in the brand’s history.

This much is true for the DW-5600GU-7, which spotlights a series of successive Masters of G characters and uses them to create a bold, unique camouflage-like graphic pattern across the full length of the watch.

The characters featured on the piece – which includes the likes of the FROGMAN and MUDMAN series, amongst others – were all once engraved on the back of Masters of G watches and will be instantly recognizable to true collectors.

If, by some chance, your G-SHOCK collection continues to be lagging, the DW-5600GU-7 lands online in July.

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