Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly’s Pink Hair & Crazy Couples Outfits

Sometimes, the abyss stares back. The psychic strain of existentialism wears upon us all, rarely more than when you both endure and enact an endless parade of ultimately meaningless platitudes about events, people, and things that’ll be forgotten about seconds later.

Then, sometimes, you see Machine Gun Kelly in a cropped popcorn shirt and the scales fall from your eyes.

What really matters? Does anything? No, not really. So, what we ought to do to get to the other side of the day is live in the moment. And Kelly’s outfit, in some bizarre way, is a solid temporary coping mechanism.

I mean, this look is so insane that I almost forgot to be miserable about summer’s terrible weather, for instance.

MGK and Fox were off to the premiere of Machine Gun Kelly’s Life in Pink, a Hulu documentary about the rapper’s career, mental health struggles, all the usual stuff you get from music docs these days.

The Megan Fox-aissance might be behind us but the actress’ every appearance is like a red carpet flashbang, even when she looks like a day-glo Kardashian with her lace-up heels, platinum blonde hair, and full-glam makeup.

The effect actually makes me reconsider the casting of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie rom-com: Margot Robbie is solid casting but Fox is perhaps an even better selection.

All sharp angles and silhouette, she’s arguably responsible for sending the sex symbol stereotype to the dustbin of history, as so many thinkpieces and interviews have unpacked.

In bubblegum pink and with a blonde dye job, she’s easily deserving to be our generation’s Barbie.

And then there’s MGK.

With pink hair to match his fiancée, a cropped popcorn shirt, chain-linked white pants that he forgot to finish buttoning, and Rick Owens Ramones sneakers buried beneath the cartoonish trousers, Machine Gun Kelly has almost singlehandedly destroyed the course of my day.

Sorry, yassified Ryan Gosling, but this is Ken for Generation Z.

With his hilarious tattoos, painted nails and obscene amount of flair, MGK is the only person suitable to play the ultimate himbo.

Maybe Barbie 2 will get it right.

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