Oh This is a Classic: Review of Drake’s Honestly, Nevermind

**Originally, I had no interest in listening to Drake’s surprise project,** *Honestly, Nevermind***. I had just woken up from a top-5 nap, was refreshed and could’ve cared less about the text my homeboy, Timothy interrupted my slumber with about listening to a project from a guy I once called my favorite rapper. If this were years ago, I would’ve been on edge, excited to hear the newest project from wheelchair Jimmy of one of my favorite childhood shows, Degrassi. But after several lackluster albums that “bandwagoners” deem classics and a host of shitty singles featuring Type Beats and cornball bars that became Instagram captions, I became disillusioned. Like, why the fuck would I care? “The Motto” almost singlehandedly destroyed hip hop. “HYFR” gave LL Cool J’s “Headsprung” a run for the worst hip hop song ever. I could go on a tangent and start listing songs or really rile up some folks and attack** *If You’re Reading This Its Too Late.* **But I won’t. I’m just thankful that the hate on Twitter forced me to listen to the beauty that is** *Honestly, Nevermind,* **and Drake got back to his roots. Let me do a brief breakdown. I’ve given it a couple of spins.** [https://4ormypeople.com/4-the-music/2022/6/17/oh-this-is-a-classic-review-of-honestly-nevermind](https://4ormypeople.com/4-the-music/2022/6/17/oh-this-is-a-classic-review-of-honestly-nevermind)

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