The Timeless Appeal of The Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt

There is something inherently attractive about heritage prep style and nothing says it quite like the Ralph Lauren Polo shirt.

In 1972 Ralph Lauren graduated from designing ties to manufacturing a simple cotton shirt that he notoriously embroidered with a polo player, an emblem he believed would represent his vision of aspirational wealth and sportsmanship. Fast forward 50 years and the Polo shirt is an iconic staple for any given summer.

The signature shirt is synonymous not only with sophistication but also a universal feeling of inclusion which has permeated through every tier of society – from schoolgirls in Lagos, eager to make a great first-day impression, to former presidential elects enjoying their retirement days on the putting greens.

The appeal of the Polo shirt is in its timelessness. Constantly reworked and reinvented, the shirt’s essence unbinds it from the shackles of time, so much so that I’m confident in saying that Ralph Lauren would be one of the safest uniform picks for prospective time travelers. They are hardy, comfortable, and age well (it’s been said that Polo shirts even look better as time begins to set in on the fabrics). Your Gramp’s old Polo might someday find itself in your spring rotation, or better yet find its way to a stranger years down the line, courtesy of a well-hauled thrift.

Take a look at how fans of Ralph have been styling the Polo Shirt on Instagram.


Brit Bones

You don’t need to look any further. This is how to do it right. Somewhere between Ruby Rose as a librarian and Jude Law in The Talented Mr. Ripley, Brit Bones is your senior year crush. Effortless layering, genderless tailoring, and immaculate accessorization. Brit Bones has my vote for head prefect.

Dennis Balamaceda

Denny buries this look, ergo he’s killing it. Notice the details, the Preppy Bear bucket hat is a golden touch that brings a distinct element to what was already an apt fit. The makeshift belt ties it all together.


Notorious Kia

Featuring jovial and in-season stripes, Kia is serving looks with her tennis fit that channels vintage emotions. This outfit perfectly encapsulates the Polo shirt’s timelessness as Kia looks like she could have stepped out any summer since ‘49 (and we mean this is the grooviest way possible).


Justin Boon

This look dances between enigmatic and playful, while still maintaining an air of accomplishment. There is a tension between the characters Justin evokes, the popped collar and Jesus Saves cap accentuating the eccentricity of his bubble shades. You can clearly pull a polo off with anything if you do it confidently.

Arran Dhillon

Somewhere between chic, sophisticated, and laidback, Arran’s look elicits core Ivy League energies. The subtle use of accessories goes a long way in elevating this look from “I go to boarding school” to “I’m boarding a plane.”



Luis Osuna

Luis taps into dad-core with his tasteful take on Ralph. The look comes together masterfully as a study of tone and textures.


Tyler Busher

Cool, casual, and collected. Tyler works the Polo shirt into his look without allowing the novelty to take away from his effortless style. The layering is giving Adam Sandler vibes.


Christian Dion

Keep it simple. Christian proves that you don’t need to make things complicated when styling for summer.


We can confidently say that the Polo shirt is here to stay, become part of the narrative with #mypolostory and discover more from the Polo shirt collection, here.

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