CASETiFY Enlist Kakao Friends for a New Collection


How’s your CASETiFY collection looking? Pretty extensive at this point, I’d imagine. Well, if there’s still a piece or two missing, the new Kakoa Friends collection of tech and lifestyle accessories might have exactly what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re someone that likes to keep your iPhone, iPad, AirPods, or other non-Apple tech accessories as accessorized as your wardrobe or not, it’s impossible not to marvel at just how many collaborations CASETiFY has managed to amass over the years. Impressive, to say the least.

Obviously, we’ve collectively crowned Supreme as the king on collabs thanks to its link-ups with Skittles, The North Face, Vans, Stone Island, BAPE, Levi’s, Tiffany & Co., and nearly every other name under the sun, but the Hong Kong-based tech accessory brand is not one to overlook.

This year alone, we’ve seen it tap into everyone from Sailor Moon to Carrots, MASTERMIND, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pokémon, and more. Catch your breath; here’s what’s up next.

The latest drop is actually a sequel, as the world of Kakoa Friends returns for a follow-up collection. For those unaware, Kakoa Friends are characters based on emoticons from South Korea’s KakoaTalk messaging app, and they’re super cute.

Having featured in a series of commercials and across various products in South Korea, these characters have become beloved – making their returns to CASETiFY unsurprising.

Within the drop, you’ll find all of your favorite Apple tech accessories, charms, grip stands, phone slings, MagSafe wallets, wireless chargers, the lot – and it’s all available online now.

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