Hiroshi Fujiwara Put fragment design’s Logo on a Dang Melon

Hiroshi Fujiwara doesn’t turn down a lot of collaborations, I assume, which is why there are fragment design-branded laptops, glass Pikachus, A/C vests, cars, Starbucks cups, clocks, boats, Beats, and bears. But fruit? That’s a new one.

Fujiwara’s Instagram page is a fun little diversion mostly free of the flex moments and clout chasing of the rich and influential. Mostly, it’s a diary of his day-to-day life, from the food he’s eating to the cars he’s driving.

Occasionally, it’s a sneak peek into his forthcoming projects, though Fujiwara only rarely shows off forthcoming sneakers and clothing — like fragment’s September 2022 OAMC collab — on social media. Perhaps the Japan-only fan club that he recently founded gets a closer look for their monthly member’s fees.

Simply captioned “LOOK!”, the the latest post on Fujiwara’s IG page is much better than a new shoe collab.

It’s a goddamn melon. And it has the fragment design logo grown into it.

Now, I don’t care for material things, in that sense. Like, a shirt is not improved by the presence of a fragment design lightning bolt or Fujiwara’s name or whatever. I’ll never buy anything just because it’s got famous or recognizable branding.

But even I’m pretty impressed by this fragment melon. It’s cool!

It probably isn’t a collab, though the melon does seemingly sport a sticker from the “[illegible] Fruits Garden Club” — I wonder if the word you can’t read is “fragment.”

Fujiwara, serial collaborator that he is, has placed the fragment logo on so much stuff that we’re almost inured to seeing it on clothing. So, the lightning bolt has to be literally grown on a melon to have any impact nowadays but, man, that is kinda cool, huh? Nature is amazing.

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