Helly Hansen HH-118389225 Unveils its SS23 Lookbook


Though this summer has barely begun, we’re already collectively looking forward to another warm-weather season of bangers in the year ahead – the type of kit that Helly Hansen’s HH-118389225 has to offer for SS23 in “The Mountain Code.”

In fashion, we’re always looking forward. Working seasons ahead dictates that we’re never fully in the moment – there’s always more to be desired. While we strip down for summer, we remain aware of the heavier fabrications and technical outerwear pieces that await us in the fall, all the while piling up our wishlists for next year’s summer. What a load of busybodies we are, hey?

All of that anticipation comes with some serious excitement, and if the new Helly Hansen HH-118389225 SS23 lookbook is anything, it’s exciting.

Since bursting onto the scene on a mission to revive, rethink, and recontextualize Helly Hansen’s extensive archive of gear, HH-118389225 has been setting an extremely high standard for technical product lines and visual treatments – something that we dived into during a conversation earlier this year.

Continuing in its inspired look at performance-driven, professional gear, SS23 sees HH-118389225 revisit key styles from past seasons, updated in new colorways. Of course, there are plenty of new multi-functional styles on offer, too.

Joining the arsenal is the ARC Emergency Poncho, a lightweight and versatile piece that features a reflective rescue blanket interior that can be used as an emergency shelter, tarp, or protective blanket. What’s more, it’s also compatible with the core ARC Hood, found on several pieces in previous seasonal drops.

For those seeking something adaptable, the ARC Modular Trail Coat offers eight individual looks. Multiple ‘fits in one day? Fashion Week is shaking in its boots.

There’s plenty more to digest within the collection, so get to eyeballing the lookbook and marking your favorites. While you wait for “The Mountain Code” to touch down next year, head over to retailers like the LN-CC and MATCHES to peep the current selection.

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