The Best Runway Looks of Men’s Fashion Week SS23

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We’ve been squawking about the end of the Spring/Summer 2023 menswear shows for days, and no, we’re not about to stop.

Bidding farewell to Fashion Week (until next time, at least), we’ve wrapped things up with reflections on the best footwear, accessories, and viral moments from the sartorial shindig. Now, we’re reminiscing on our favorite runway looks, from Hermès’ snack-friendly outerwear to Mowalola’s Mean Girls moment.

Below, peruse our valedictorians of the SS23 men’s season.

Louis Vuitton

“It’s extremely difficult not to straight-up fall in love with anything and everything that comes out of Louis Vuitton’s shows, no matter how whacky, otherworldly, or outrageous it may be. Bottom line is, [the looks are] great fun — and that’s what fashion is about, right? Somewhere out in the multiverse, we’ve skipped out on Air Pods and strapped into a boom box. If you frequent U.K. TikTok, you’re well aware that this guy already exists, just without the LV.” – Sam Cole, Associate Style Editor

Hed Mayner

“I love big clothes and I love washed-out denim. That’s why I really, really, really like when Hed Mayner puts his absurdly oversized spin on oversized jeans, which he normally does through his seasonal pleated pants. But even those giant jeans are put to shame by this truly insane get-up that involves a giant denim bomber jacket with far too many straps and matching super-cargo pants with more utility than a Ford Bronco.” – Jake Silbert, News Editor


“One thing I look for when I’m buying a coat is a set of pockets deep enough to hold a share bag of crisps in each. Hermès’ Spring/Summer 2023 outerwear comes equipped with just that and a matching bucket hat, too. I’m personally into the lilac look, but I’ll take whatever they’re willing to send, TBH.” – Tayler Wilson, Style Writer


“Prada’s lank top and lorts (leather tank top and leather shorts) are hottt, with three t’s — literally, because they’re probably steamy with sweat and figuratively, because I would let anyone wearing this ‘run me over,’ or whatever my peers are saying these days.” – Alexandra Pauly, Style Writer


“Colm Dillane’s Kidsuper Spring/Summer 2023 performance was by far the most innovative format I’ve ever experienced in a fashion show. The Brooklyn collective’s first-ever runway was staged as a painting auction, each of the 23 pieces matching a look from the collection. My favorite ‘fits are the more colorful ones inspired by the streets of New York, worn with bucket hats.” – Elaine YJ Lee, Features Editor


“While I thoroughly enjoyed Mowalola’s entire SS23 show, I still can’t get over the collection’s Regina George look. Inspired by the Mean Girls antagonist’s boob-cutout gym uniform, the ensemble nods to the iconic moment, which expressed Regina’s unwavering influence despite her unlikability. Simply put, the London-based brand, known for embodying the dauntless spirit of the aughts, references the iconic ’00s cult film with a look oozing with fetch realness — though Regina may disagree with my usage of Gretchen’s not-so-British slang.” – Morgan Smith, Style Writer


“A few days have passed since CELINE’s SS23 menswear show, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the skinny ties that appeared throughout the collection. I actually loved all of the looks — yes, I may be biased — but the way they were presented felt so rock ‘n’ roll, especially when the models paraded down the runway with 110% confidence. This look in particular instantly ended up on my mood board. I’m already looking for the perfect leather jacket, tailored shorts, and of course, a skinny tie.” – Tora Northman, Head of TikTok

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