KAWS Inexplicably Returns to ‘Fortnite’ as a Banana

KAWS turned himself into a banana, funniest shit I’ve ever seen. The Brooklyn-based artist is back in Fortnite and he’s feeling berry good. Get it? Because bananas are berries? Okay.

For some reason, KAWS has created the KAWSPEELY banana outfit for Fortnite, which comes with matching glider, wrap, and “Back Bling” shaped like those collectible figures that make KAWS so darn famous.

I have no idea what Back Bling is, by the way, but if it makes your Fortnite character look like a flying banana with X’d-out eyes that has a tiny KAWS toy on its back, that’s cool.

I’m not even An Old yet but nothing makes me feel more elderly than games like Fortnite and Minecraft or TikTok. Not that I’m special or anything…

Anyhoo, the KAWSPEELY outfit and accessories will be available from July 2 in Fortnite‘s Item Shop alongside the KAWS Skeleton gear launched last year.

Fortnite creator Epic Games is also fleshing out the KAWS & Serpentine Hub that it launched in 2022. Think digital museum that your Fortnite character can floss in (that’s a dance, I think) and you’re mostly there.

The space is a recreation of the Serpentine North Gallery in London, apparently.

It’ll now host the “KAWS NEW FICTION” exhibit, which includes the requisite KAWS character sculptures and paintings, alongside a selection of augmented reality art created by KAWS’ usual AR partner, Acute Art.

It’s not as tangible as KAWS’ recent HUMAN MADE collab or last year’s KAWS x The North Face collection but for the fans, I have to imagine that this is a real treat.

Shame Banana KAWS isn’t as catchy as Pickle Rick. Speaking of, how long ’til KAWS gets a Rick & Morty cameo?

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