Machine Gun Kelly, Post-Bloody Champagne, Wears Pink & Rick Owens

Machine Gun Kelly is out and about, mere days after drawing blood by smashing a champagne flute over his head in celebration of his Hulu documentary, a normal and cool thing to do. The rapper is still pinked out — the documentary is called Life in Pink, after all — and Ricked up.

It’s unfortunate that MGK is only wearing Rick Owens shoes, really: I ardently believe his wacky looks would be, well, less wacky with more black hoodies and drop-crotch pants. No joke.

Spotted on June 29 during a coffee run, MGK is wearing some kind of blouse-y, flowing pink shirt that’s open enough to reveal his hilarious tattoos, tiny slacks tucked into a pair of Rick Owens Tractor boots, with the usual over-accessorizing you expect of a mass-market Bad Boy™.

There’s the fistful of rings, barbed wire necklace, thick sunnies, and, unpleasantly, a Dolce & Gabbana belt.

Can we get fewer celebs in D&G, please? Heck, fewer folks in general would be nice. What even is the appeal, anyways?

Kelly and Megan Fox already out-Barbie’d Barbie and turned the Empire State Building pink by the time he smashed the champagne glass on his dome — again, mass-market Bad Boy™ — so it’s been a pretty full NYC trip.

This isn’t even the nuttiest outfit he’s worn all week, either, which I suppose reflects the winding down of his celebratory festivities.

Soon it’ll be back to making out with Fox on red carpets and touring his bubblegum punk-rap. A tough gig, to be sure, but someone’s gotta do it.

All I’ll say is that MGK would be best served by ditching the tight suits and skinny jeans for some big ‘ol Rick ‘fits. We know he likes the shoes, let’s get him sagging around in big pants and cropped jackets.

It can’t be a downgrade!

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