Needles Japan Spring/Summer 2023 Collection, Lookbook

Japanese label Needles stays the course with its Spring/Summer 2023 collection, focusing on the signature motifs and silhouettes that’ve made it a major fashion success story over the past half-decade or so.

That is to say, Needles SS23 delivers all the stuff you’d expect from a Needles collection — ’70s flair, butterfly prints, loads of track pants, and chunky slip-on footwear — except with more. If you like Needles, safe to say that you’ll very much enjoy Spring/Summer 2023.

It’s not surprising that Needles is well within its groove this go-round. The label is as popular as ever both abroad and in its native Japan, with die-hards snapping up its more advanced items and surface-level consumers routinely intrigued by its A$AP Rocky-approved sportswear.

For Spring/Summer 2023, Needles issues the usual retro-inspired apparel, including peak-lapeled blazers, western shirts, and, yes, lots of track gear in classic smooth polyester and shiny new fabrications.

Needles’ trademark butterfly print logo is also as big as its ever been.

Named “papillon” (butterfly in French), Needles’ butterfly is patterned across denim jeans, stitched into woven shorts, laden atop camp collar shirts, rendered minute on polo shirts, and delicately placed atop the kiltie toe of Needles’ new Ghillie sneakers.

Suffice to say, that butterfly ain’t goin’ nowhere.

A few new Needles innovations appear here and there, as well, so it isn’t just the classics on display here.

There’s a denim double-knee pant that boasts carpenter pockets alongside a seemingly removable gardener’s belt and a satin varsity jacket that renders Needles’ papillon logo large as life, complete with suave velvet panels.

If it ain’t broke, why restitch it? Needles knows this well enough.

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