Raf Simons’ SS23 Sneakers Look Like His adidas Ozweego Collab

Raf Simons is back. From where, I don’t know, but his footwear game is finally where it was a couple years ago, back when he was doing adidas collabs.

Behold, your first look at Simons’ Spring/Summer 2023 footwear.

With the RUNNER series of sneakers and boots, Simons had his own footwear thing going pretty well.

I mean, I can’t say whether it was working or not (I ain’t checking his balance sheets) but the collection was an admirably concise selection of original footwear that epitomized the Raf Simons ethos.

The biggest issue, perhaps, with Raf Simons’ RUNNER series was that it was too fashion-forward.

Raf Simons’ RUNNER boots and heeled slip-ons weren’t exactly the streetwear fare his younger fans associated with him back when he was redesigning the adidas Ozweego or Stan Smith.

Simons did issue some RUNNER sneaker styles down the road, though they were still pretty fashion-y in the sense that they were tech-y, chunky, and funky (and pricey).

For those seeking something familiar, fear not. Simons is doing the Ozweego again. Kind of.

As seen at the designer’s Spring/Summer 2023 showroom, Raf Simons is issuing a selection of sporty running sneakers that recall at least one of the shapes he did with adidas back in the day, bulge-y bubbles and all.

There’s no Three Stripes involvement, though, so things are sliiiiightly different but mostly what you’d want as a die-hard Simons stan.

The other sneakers — available in white, black, or a handsome beige colorway that matches the not-Weego — are sleeker, with more of that retro sportswear charm that made Simons’ early adidas collabs a massive cult smash.

No prices or release date yet — expect an early 2023 launch — and it isn’t even confirmed that these are an extension of the RUNNER line but, hey, if you like Simons, he knows that you’ll probably like these.

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