Justin Bieber in Balenciaga, YEEZY, NOCTA; Ramsay Hunt Treatment

The end of June was a busy month for Justin Bieber. Though the singer hasn’t been dropping new music or clothing, he’s been all over the place and he’s been comfy AF the entire time.

In mid-June, Bieber revealed that he’s been battling Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, partial facial paralysis brought about by a shingles outbreak.

Given that the affliction could even affect the eye and ear on that side of Bieber’s face, no surprise that Bieber is taking the healing process seriously.

He’s been on the move all month, presumably consulting medical experts for aid (and finding time to shout out his wife). By the end of the month, Bieber was in Los Angeles visiting a hyperbaric medical facility.

Bieber was likely receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy, a form of treatment normally used to cure decompression sickness or fight serious infections.

With two hours to spend doing nothing but breathing pure oxygen, Bieber dressed for the occasion.

All month, he’s been slouching around in oversized Balenciaga hoodies, T-shirts, sweatpants, shorts, and sunglasses, with YEEZY Foam Runners or Drake’s Nike x NOCTA Hot Step underfoot.

I like the shlubby bagginess of contemporary celebrity style, often used to great effect by people like Billie Eilish.

It’s pleasantly genderfluid, rendering the human figure shapeless like the giant clothes we wore as middle schoolers, down to the Y2K sunglasses.

The shapelessness is antithetical to the typically snazzy style you’d expect of a well-groomed celeb, which makes it all the more appealing in my book.

I also assumed that Bieber’s Balenciaga love affair was masterminded by Kanye West, another person skilled at styling an oversized outfit.

Pretty obvious educated guess, I know, but something that Bieber himself sorta acknowledged when he uploaded a flowery post celebrating Ye’s birthday on June 8.

“Your taste and style has helped shape the artist I am today,” Bieber said. “No one will ever know how it feels to be Kanye West.”


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