Rudy Giuliani Tweets Sandal Discount Code for MyPillow Knock-Offs

Rudy Giuliani, disgraced former NYC mayor and Donald Trump’s resident legal ghoul, is one of America’s greatest living masters of the self-own. From being investigated by the prosecutorial department that he used to oversee to dripping some sort of biological run-off down his face during a press conference, Giuliani is a reliable source of schadenfreude.

The embarrassment continued on June 30, when Giuliani (or, more likely, a member of his staff) tweeted out a discount code for flip-flops and slide sandals sold by MyPillow, the company run by living mustache and conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell.

The tweet began gaining steam by July 1, eventually spreading basically everywhere by July 2. It’s grilling season, after all. Happy July 4th!

Lindell’s entirely baseless claims about voter fraud in the 2022 elections has tanked the legitimacy of MyPillow, the maker of an eponymous pillow, and it’s lost plenty of advertisers and retail support as Lindell continues to promote his narrative through humiliating symposiums and fact-free documentaries.

Thus, Lindell relies on promotional support from a variety of far-right hucksters and few are more willing to debase themselves for a couple bucks than famously truth-adverse Giuliani.

Perhaps the best part of the entire debacle (enter code “RUDY” for $30 off!) is that the ultra-cheap sandals being hawked for a whopping $49.99 can be had on drop-shipping sites or discount retailers for just a few bucks.

And that ain’t fake news, my friends.

All of this is very funny/pathetic but where’s Kanye calling out Giuliani and Lindell for knocking off his YEEZY slides?

I suppose a better comparison might be classic sportswear recovery slides akin to the ones offered by HOKA ONE ONE or Oofos, really.

Either way, a good sign of the desperate straits that Giuliani’s in amidst ongoing scrutiny of the role he played in the January 6 capitol insurrection. Hopefully that MyPillow is helping him rest easy.

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