adidas Gazelle: 10 of the Best Collaborations & General Releases

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The stock of lightweight ‘70s sneakers has been rising steadily for a few seasons now. Of course, the classic silhouettes that fall into that category have been going strong for much longer than a few seasons, though.

One such silhouette is the adidas Gazelle which was originally released in 1968 as a football sneaker. It’s come a long way in its 44 years. So far, in fact, that it’s the proud centerpiece of the latest adidas x Gucci collaboration.

There’s no underestimating what the Guccified adidas Gazelle will do for the popularity of the shoe in all of its forms. And there are many.

From collaborations to understated general releases, there’s a wealth of adidas Gazelle designs to pick from if you don’t fancy your chances of copping the luxury Gucci version with the luxury price tag to match.

Below, we’ve put together a list of 10 of the best adidas Gazelles to cop before they vanish.

Shop the best adidas Gazelle colorways & collaborations below.


Come on, we had to start with the Gucci Gazelle. Undoubtedly the most hyped collaboration of the moment, it’s already trading on StockX for an average price of $864.



The adidas Gazelle is such a classic, understated silhouette that unusual colorways really make it pop. This peach iteration is the perfect example.


UA&SONS Gazelle

Made in collaboration with UA&SONS, this all-white pair is a nice way to sport a versatile colorway while also distinguishing your pair from the masses.

Black Suede


All the collaborations in the world can’t beat the timelessness of this black suede version. As stylish now as it was back in ’68, and no change coming on that front.


Thames Gazelle

Back in March, Blondey announced a skating-ready version of the adidas Gazelle. Zig-zag sole markings combine with a hard-wearing ripstop upper to give the Gazelle a modern new look.

ADV White

Gazelle ADV

Coco Chanel once recommended we look in the mirror and take off one accessory before we leave the house. That’s the mindset of this adidas Gazelle ADV which strips things down to the essential core.

Grey Suede


Much like the black suede edition, this dark grey version of the silhouette nods to the timeless popularity of a silhouette that has earned a spot in every rotation.

Pink Suede


Then again, if you’re on the hunt for something to turn heads… Hot pink.



Not all Gazelles are made equal. This white perforated pair exudes sophistication, daring you to style it with even your wildest pieces, promising you that it’ll work with them all.


Alltimers Gazelle

Fledgling skate brand Alltimers tried its hand at retooling the Gazelle and passed with flying colors. The textured suede uppers are the star of the show.

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