032c Spring/Summer 2023 RTW Collection, Lookbook

“Freedom,” “research,” and “creativity” serve as the three pillars of the 032c universe, which includes its renowned magazine and ready-to-wear label. For its Spring/Summer 2023 RTW collection, creative director Maria Koch reiterates the brand’s core values, with garments manifesting as wearable interpretations of 032c’s carefree attitude.

Titled “GROSSE FREIHEIT,” 032c’s SS23 collection name translates into “BIG FREEDOM.” Though a heavy emphasis is placed on 032c’s “freedom,” the remaining principles follow suit with setting the tone for the upcoming offering.

“GROSSE FREIHEIT”-printed pieces sets the tone with a straightforward approach to the collection’s theme. On the other hand, roomy padded jackets, extra long trenches, and billowing tees opt for a more metaphorical course, playing on 032c’s appreciation for oversized, unrestrained silhouettes.

It’s also worth pointing out that 032c SS23 materializes as a mentality, with “BIG FREEDOM” serving as an attitude for a liberated way of individualistic dressing.

“GROSSE FREIHEIT does what GROSSE FREIHEIT wants,” reads 032c’s press release. “GROSSE FREIHEIT is for all occasions, and it needs none.”

Nothing captures 032c SS23’s carefree spirit more than its winter-worthy outerwear, allowing the wearer to cancel the summer season if they please. If not, the garments still satisfy your needs in warm weather hues.

Like its FW22 collection, 032c SS23 officiates the marriage between contradicting elements, once again riffing on 032c’s kink for “juxtapositions and changeability,” as Maria Koch calls it.

Mesh jumpsuits expose the body and strategically conceal intimate areas simultaneously. Blazers boast slanted broad shoulders while suit shirting gets slashed into crop tops, establishing classic business silhouettes as more easygoing yet commanding nonetheless.

Meanwhile, double-buckle belts, elongated straps, and zipper trims exposing peak-a-boo details add a notion of adventurous sensibility to the collection’s underlying motif.

Then, there’s always the famed 032c branding — embossed on its leather goods and printed on buttoned tops – veritably cementing the essence of the label’s untrammeled, effortless attitude.

A healthy balance of risqué and approachability, 032c SS23 is undoubtedly all about its “BIG FREEDOM,” underscoring the brand’s identity through a laissez-faire approach to dressing.

Essentially, 032c SS23 recalls the oldest and wisest rule in the fashion book: wear what you want.

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