Dior Asks Valentino to Pay Є100k After Couture Show in Rome

On the evening of July 8, Valentino’s Fall 2022 Couture presentation commenced on in Rome, leaving many buzzing about the collection’s feathery headwear and star-studded front row featuring a nipple-liberated Florence Pugh (forget the haters, Florence).

Though the spectacle was undoubtedly exciting, French luxury house Dior withheld praise. The LVMH-owned luxury house was much less pleased with Valentino’s latest show.

Less than 24 hours after the show (more like the night of), the retail manager of Dior’s Italian branch penned a letter to Valentino, seeking €100,000 for “disruption” to Dior’s Rome store. This is according to WWD, which reportedly viewed the missive.

Dior claimed its Rome boutique suffered bad business that day because would-be customers were “refused access and blocked at the barriers” due to the Pierpaolo Piccioli-led house’s couture presentation on the Spanish Steps.

As a result, the Dior boutique was desolate, unable to “operate from the early hours of the afternoon,” per Dior’s detailed complaint.

Now, this situation with Dior and Valentino is a tricky one.

As a former sales associate, I totally get it. The boutique’s employees missed out on thousands in commission sales because of a rival brand’s theatrical production, with the store’s individual goals and associates’ pockets each taking a blow.

Dior said Valentino sent word to retailers surrounding the Spanish Steps prior to its couture presentation, promising “regular foot traffic” to their stores during its show’s duration. However, the barriers that apparently surrounded Dior’s storefront certainly didn’t help matters.

Of course, Valentino failing to deliver on its alleged guarantee would upset me as a store manager or staff , especially if it negatively affected business.

Interestingly, it seems only Dior’s Rome store felt victimized by Valentino, as no other local retailers issued their own grievances.

Then again, these are luxury brands we’re talking about here!

Dior, which racked up 64.2 billion euros in revenue in 2021, can probably make that back in an hour with a divorcee who just received a hefty settlement or perhaps even with Travis Scott’s fanbase of ragers looking to support their fave’s upcoming Cactus Jack collaboration. But, hey what do I know?

Nonetheless, Dior wants Valentino to make up for its loss in sales during that brief window on July 8, demanding that the Italian label cough up Є100,000 in full within 15 days (business or regular days? I’m not sure).

Dior made it clear that it would “adopt all the necessary measures to protect its rights,” which means that we could be seeing the next major fashion lawsuit unfold over a NIMBY spat.

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