Lana Del Rey & Jack Donoghue: A Power Couple for the tumblr Generation


The world is crumbling, but Lana Del Rey and Jack Donoghue are Instagram official. The “Video Games” singer and Salem musician, who first sparked dating rumors in February, snapped a photo together outside of County Cook Jail in Chicago, which Donoghue captioned: “family visit.”

In all its absurdity, the image is pretty perfect — the barbed wire fence, the grey sky, Del Rey’s beige cardigan and off-brand sneakers, Donoghue’s carpenter pants and black Nikes, both of their unsmiling expressions and Sim-like poses. The photo almost looks AI-generated, as if someone threw together a bunch of random prompts.

Appropriately, the internet is freaking out over the seemingly confirmed couple. Del Rey, whose music depicts a romanticized vision of Midwestern America, has met her match in Donoghue, an artist whose gritty life (as projected on social media, at least), is the very stuff of Del Rey’s lyrics.

“They’re like this unexpected power couple of dark, twisted Americana,” an anonymous source told Daily Mail. See!! They’re basically Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson for 2014 tumblr teens.

Previously, Donoghue has been linked to Courtney Love and Julia Fox, ties that begin to weave a web of celebrity chaos rife with possibility. Imagine: Lana Del Rey feat. Salem; Courtney Love feat. Lana Del Rey; Julia Fox, Courtney Love, and Lana Del Rey in a room together.

Stay tuned.

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