adidas Ticks Off Your Whole Camping List


While camping over fall and winter is definitely possible, even enjoyable with the right gear, there’s no disputing that the time for camping is summer. Fairer weather opens up the possibility for everyone to stay in the wild and with events like festivals all season, there’s often a necessity to pitch up and camp.

Of course, your tent, sleeping bag, and mat are the essential pieces of kit, but having the right clothing is a shortcut to actually enjoying camping. Technical, hard-wearing materials make camping in summer a carefree prospect that you can experience to the full.

With a wealth of sportswear expertise behind it, adidas is the perfect place to shop for your camping outfits. So, whether you’re prepping for a festival or simply hitting the wilderness to enjoy the weather and views, check out our top picks below.

Find out what to wear when camping below.

Hyperreal Waist Bag

Storage comes at a premium when you’re camping so being able to keep your essentials at hand at all times is a real asset.

Hyperreal Cargo Shorts

Hyperreal Cargo Shorts

Go on, double up on the glitched adidas logo.

Grow Positivity Tee

Grow Positivity Tee

This unisex tee is in the same spirit as camping. However you’re doing it, you’re there to enjoy nature and grow positivity. You’ll have to joining the adiClub to cop this piece, though.

adidas Supernova Cushion 7

Supernova Cushion 7

You never really know what terrain you’ll encounter when camping but the likelihood is that if you’re sleeping wild, your activities will be wild too. The Supernova Cushion 7 is a wildly comfy daily runner with enough toughness to stand some serious tests.

Adventure Runners Hat

Adventure Runners Hat

If you’re out in the elements from morning until evening, you need some protection. This lightweight cap is perfect for the job.

Steel Bottle

Steel Metal Bottle (1L)

Going hand in hand with the cap, a solid water bottle is absolutely essential when you’re in the wild. Have you never seen Bear Grylls? Adventurers aren’t killed by savage animals, it’s the dehydration that gets ’em.

Oztradamus Tracksuit

Oztradamus Track Top
Oztradamus Pants

Now that we’re thinking about him, we can’t stop wondering what Bear Grylls would think of the Oztradamus Tracksuit. He’d be on board, we think.

Utility Backpack

Utility Backpack

Enough pockets to have you genuinely thinking you’ve lost your house keys, but well-made enough for you to know that they’re in there somewhere.

Victory Bucket Hat

Victory Bucket Hat

Made from ultra-lightweight, quick-dry fabric, the highlight of your summer camping trip will definitely be dipping this in cold water and replacing it on your sweltering dome.

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