Bowers & Wilkins’ New Headphones Are a Statement


The world of speakers and headphones is dominated by those that shout the loudest.

Whether it’s a myriad of colorful Beats by Dre Studio Earbuds, Apple’s AirPods having it large on TikTok, or even Bang & Olufsen collabing with Supreme and Balenciaga, it can be a frightfully deafening place.

Yet, when it comes to British outfit Bowers & Wilkins – who have been quietly going about their business since 1966 – the quality speaks for itself, without any overindulgence in self-promotion.

B&W delivers exactly what it promises: high-performance audio technology. Derived from fashion collaborations or extravagant marketing campaigns, the Worthing-based label evokes an almost modest undertone, one that attracts the traditionalists.

Well-designed, well-made, and actually reasonably-priced, B&W produces everything from surround-sound speakers and home cinema systems, to sound bars and headphones, all of which share the same level of quality as the next.

That being said, B&W’s latest release – the Px7 S2 – promises to be the brand’s best sounding wireless headphone to-date, thanks to its immersive high-resolution audio and advanced active noise cancellation.

B&W also believes that a great sound deserves a great fit, with the Px7 S2 meticulously designed for all-day comfort thanks to cozy memory foam earpads.

Both slimmer and lighter than previous B&W renditions, the Px7 S2 arrives in either black, blue, or grey, and retails now for £379.

Just remember: the next time you’re looking for a pair of headphones, try not to get caught up amidst the myriad shouting brands, instead get yourself some noise canceling Px7 S2, kick back, and relax.

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