Meet YORAD IN 99: The New Wave Menswear Brand

There’s no question that essential wear is a key component to any closet. Tees, hoodies, and hats comprise almost every fit you can throw together – but that doesn’t mean they can’t be unique.

Meet YORAD IN 99, a new wave brand that is creating everyday essentials with a twist.

Launching its Unit 1 collection, YORAD IN 99 prides itself on doing things a little bit differently. T-shirts are dawned with bold graphics and sayings like, “Not mainstream // Not Art”, baseball caps are pierced with a line of interconnected silver rings, and hoodies are adorned with rope detailing and silver-tone rings.

One can’t help but to feel the rebellious edge of the Unit 1 collection, and that’s not just considering its skull-printed and anarchy logo tees. When Creative Director Kyundong was asked of the inspiration behind his first collection, he added, “Nu Metal music is one of my favorite genres and I was always with this music in my workshop, especially while making creations for Unit 1.”

Of course, any collection wouldn’t be complete without its accessories. YORAD IN 99’s Unit 1 drop includes single and double curb keychains featuring lobster clasp fastenings and text-engraved pendants. As for the future of YORAD IN 99, you may expect a sharp increase of production in styles and designs as the brand plans on opening its very own garment manufacturing system from A-Z.

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