Kamehamehaaaaaaa – Dragon Ball Z Joins the World of CASETiFY


Kame-ha-me-haaaaaa! That’s right, Dragon Ball Z and its most iconic characters like Goku, Piccolo, and Vegeta are blasting into the world of CASETiFY for the launch of a new collection of tech and lifestyle accessories.

What would you wish for, given all seven of the Dragon Balls, faced with Shenron? For the dragon to go away like Beerus? The revival of Frieza? Being the ultimate good guy like Goku and reviving everybody lost during a battle? Or, perhaps, a new collection of accessories from CASETiFY for your iPhone, AirPods, or other tech products, would be top of your list.

Well, at least one of those things is a possibility – the last one, of course. Dragon Ball Z is the latest in a long line of collaborators to slip into the world of CASETiFY, joining a growing portfolio of beloved anime franchises.

Much like previous collections, which have included everything from Sailor Moon to Pokémon, BTS, MASTERMIND, and everything in-between, Dragon Ball’s line-up of products covers a wide base, offering up access to building a full armory suited to your tech needs.

Within the collaborative line-up, you’ll find iconic moments and characters from over 30 years of Dragon Ball. Goku’s battles with Frieza? Yep. Frieza Force? The Z Fighters? Goku smashing out a Kamehameha? All boxes ticked.

There’s not long left to wait, as the full Dragon Ball Z x CASETiFY collection touches down online on July 28.

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