MR PORTER x Throwing Fits Is the Only Collection That Matters


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last six years, if you’re a jawns enthusiast, then you’ve probably encountered Throwing Fits already. Be it through the memes, Tiktok videos, or the podcast itself. The self-confessed grown dirtbags behind the Throwing Fits name are Lawrence Schlossman and James Harris and they just dropped the only collection that matters with MR PORTER.

The one-of-a-kind custom-designed collaboration is hand-picked and co-designed by Jimmy and Larry. Enlisting the help of 13 brands to create more than 70 pieces, MR PORTER x Throwing Fits is a major step for the duo. While the hosts have previously collaborated with the likes of Diemme and Blackstock & Weber, a collection of this size and breadth is unprecedented, platforming a number of labels championed on the podcast itself.

Comprising pieces from All Caps Studio, Connor McKnight, Hayato Today, Maiden Name, Norbit by Hiroshi Nozawa, Stòffa, Tory Van Thompson, and Wythe New York, MR PORTER x Throwing Fits presents a chance to your hands on a number of labels that were previously much less accessible. But, alongside smaller names, Harris and Schlossman tap brands like Mfpen, Drakes, Beams Plus, Drakes, Monitaly, and Yuketen to set some reliable foundations.

“Whether we’ve earned this privilege or it’s simply karmic justice for a lifetime spent shopping and thinking more about men’s clothing than anyone else on the planet is up to interpretation,” says Schlossman. “Either way, consider the bucket list checked.”

Shop our top picks from the MR PORTER x Throwing Fits collection below.

Cesca Trucker Jacket
Mock-Neck Sweatshirt
Type B Jacket
Double-Knee Trousers
Flight Jacket
Striped Shirt

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