STAPLE x Fossil is Straight Off Of Indiana Jones’ Wishlist


Dust off your excavation kit, kids. STAPLE has found itself headed down to the dig site to unearth a set of Fossil watches that Indiana Jones would be proud to call his own.

Sometimes, digging through the crates is where the best beauty is to be found. No matter what the product may be; old-school band tees, denim, original Nike Air Jordans, jewelry, or watches, more often than not, vintage is better. Whether that’s down to the quality of craftsmanship, the use of better but more expensive materials, or what the design language of the time may be, tastes evolve, often revolving in nostalgia’s favor.

For its latest watch collaboration, leaders in the field Fossil have enlisted Jeff Staple’s globally renowned STAPLE to dive headfirst into its archive, pulling out and remixing a selection of timepieces that spin the concept of “TIMING IS EVERYTHING.”

“For the STAPLE x Fossil watches, we blended the heritage of both brands to create something new that’s perfect for collectors,” says Jeff Staple, discussing the watch selection that takes on an aesthetic akin to uncovered relics. He continued, “the design features a special sundial and hidden Pigeon hologram — a nod to the Fossil archives with a STAPLE twist.”

Each of the three timepieces has been crafted with automatic movement, stainless steel cases (44mm), and unique terrazzo stone-inspired silicone case jackets and straps (22mm) created with ground silicone. The colorways chosen are reminiscent of excavated Earth, the grind of debris in the city streets – grey, white, and clay red with an assortment of mineral-like speckles throughout.

Special details, including a STAPLE Pigeon logo on the case back and the collection’s limited-edition, collectible egg-shaped tin further play into the excursion theme.

You can find the STAPLE x Fossil watch collection online at both brands now – dust off your toolkit and think fast.

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