Unlike Beyoncé, Jay-Z (Probably) Won’t Be Joining TikTok


Remember when Jay-Z was on Instagram for 24 hours and then deleted it? Ah, talk about good (and very relatable) times.

We suspected Mark Zuckerberg’s welcome message scared Jay-Z off the platform. But, Hov recently revealed on Kevin Hart’s Hart to Hart show that the 24-hour Instagram run was merely to “introduce” The Harder They Fall — a star-studded Black western Netflix flick of which he produced — and bounce.

And he did just that, posting the movie’s flyer on Instagram one day, which was erased from the platform along with his entire account the next day.

Of course, this wasn’t Jay-Z’s first time hitting a create-and-delete on us, having made the since-deleted @hovsince96 Instagram profile back in 2015.

In Jay-Z’s defense, the move was actually his friend and photographer Lenny Santiago’s idea. Per Mr. Shawn Carter, Santiago persuaded the billionaire-rapper to create the account while having a drink or two (or three).

Don’t you just love making hasty decisions during drunken nights with the homies and waking up the next day to regret them? I get it, Jay.

“It went crazy, and it was on TIME magazine the next morning. I was like, this is too much,” Jay-Z stated.

And he’s not bluffing. His 14-hour IG stint made TIME‘s morning news in August 2015.

Jay-Z never came off as the kind of entertainer to be big on socials anyway, and he confirmed this speculation with Hart, stating,I “It’s not for me. It’s not for me to engage. I didn’t grow up in that space.”

Jay-Z’s also not running from the idea of social media either. Actually, he’s come to terms with it, having accepted communication’s “evolution,” as he calls it.

I mean, Jay’s Twitter account, which features an NFT Hov as his profile pic, is still up and running, having tweeted at Questlove and Bitcoin this year. However, he tweets maybe three times a year.

Essentially, the whole social media concept just isn’t his thing. Even with his wifey Beyoncé now on TikTok, I wouldn’t expect Jay to follow suit.

I mean, I don’t blame him, though. When you’re a billionaire whose wife is Beyoncé, LVMH owns half of your champagne brand, and the master of a white ‘fit, why join apps that are constantly crashing or wearing Dickies awkwardly?

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