Kick Game Continues to Trailblaze Across the UK & EU


Remember when Kick Game set up shop in Europe earlier this year? Well, it’s stepping things up a notch. Undergoing a mission to shake up and influence sneaker culture across the UK and Europe, it’s making its presence felt in alignment with the regions’ tastemakers and hotspots.

Resale – we part of the sneaker industry we hate to love. Attempt to fight it as we may; it’s found itself comfortable nestled in the culture, becoming just as much of a foundation as release dates themselves. In the US, House of Heat, StockX, Flight Club, and even eBay hold dominant footing in secondary markets – but what about across the pond?

With competition like Presentedby, StockX again, and KLEKT, alongside independent boutiques across the UK and Europe, Kick Game’s rising presence is no small feat. Getting in ahead of the implications of Brexit, such as increased import fees and taxes, marked the retailer’s strongest foot forward in solidifying itself as a key player for resale in the region, but it didn’t stop there.

Fast forward to Paris Fashion Week, its cross-cultural presence began to be felt. Sure, Kick Game has been aligning itself with the UK’s music scene through its shopping series on YouTube (connecting with the likes of Burna Boy, Knucks, M Huncho, Fredo, and more) and its presence at Strawberries & Cream festival, but its “La Maison” event stepped things up.

Setting up a physical presence within the noise of one of the culture’s biggest weeks of the year alongside global talent, Kick Game made it clear where it pitches itself – amongst it all.

With stores across London, Birmingham, Burlington, Manchester, and Leeds, its presence in the UK and EU is only set to continue growing, ensuring its status as a key player in the game. With a new store in Liverpool prepping to let its doors fly open this weekend, these moves are already in motion.

Clearly, there’s plenty more to be seen from Kick Game as it rises the ranks – does it have the legs to become a center point of sneaker culture across Europe? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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