Forget the Future – Reference Festival & Selfridges Does SUPERFUTURES


What does the world of tomorrow look like? Flying cars passing overhead Elon Musk’s road to Iron Man byways of the Tesla Bots and Cybertruck mania? Perhaps all of the above. Although, Reference Festival and Selfridges view presented as the “SUPERFUTURES” immersive exhibition looks far more appealing.

A keen eye for the brands, creators, and artists keeping culture ticking forward? That’d be Reference Studios, of course. Through its carefully curated events across Europe, it’s carved out a lane in which leading minds can connect to deliver otherworldy projects. For its latest endeavor, a partnership with Selfridges is the foundation that bridges culture in the form of SUPERFUTURES – a wide-spanning exhibition, surreal in nature, rooted in futurism.

Mumi Haiati, Founder of Reference Studios and Reference Festival, highlighted the nuances of the exhibition, saying: “The SUPERFUTURES exhibition will present past and future universes, full of mutation and cohabitation, blurring boundaries between the organic and crafted, between human and machine, and challenging existing outlooks and normative gestures into reshaping our future.”

Forming a hybrid vision of the future built from the minds of 13 artists and brands, curated by Reference Festival and Agnes Gryczkowska, SUPERFUTURES welcomes you to observe the world-as-is and the world-yet-to-come.

The ongoing event has plenty to be observed and discovered, with work by Monira Al Qadiri, Katja Novitskova, Sevdaliza, GENTLE MONSTER, Joey Holder, Ottolinger, Oliver Laric, Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Nico Vascellari, Ignota Books, Jan Vorisek, William Darrell and a panel conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist elevating the space throughout the duration of its stay.

Sick of plodding about the mediocrity of today? Step into tomorrow with Reference Festival & Selfridges’ SUPERFUTURES exhibition in London from July 14-October 16, and of course, online via Reference Realities.

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