JW Anderson Introduces: Pigeoncore

Brand: JW Anderson

Season: Fall/Winter 2022

Buy: Online at JW Anderson’s website

Editor’s Notes: Jonathan Anderson’s whimsical new accessory implores you to consider the pigeon, perhaps the most under-appreciated of birds.

The British designer’s 3D printed clutch takes shape as the city-dwelling species. The avian accessory is so realistic that it’s sure to garner some sideways stares — at least until you open its right wing, revealing a hidden internal compartment.

Before writing this article, I took it upon myself to Google “pigeoncore,” since Gen Z seems to have dreamt up an aesthetic for everything (i.e. Goblincore, Kidcore, and Cottagecore). Amazingly, it exists!

The aesthetic is far from popular, but a few videos on TikTok present Pigeoncore as an appreciation of gray, understated visuals — anything from grayscale clothing to washed-out, desaturated photography. There’s even a Pigeoncore Facebook page, a hub of pigeon-related memes, photos, and news.

The internet’s smattering of Pigeoncore content really makes you think: pigeons are kind of beautiful. Sure, their bodies are gray, but their throats boast a ring of iridescent feathers. There’s nothing chicer than a super-minimalist outfit paired with a stunning statement necklace.

And not all pigeons are gray — there’s the pink-necked green pigeon, a pastel wonder; the earth-toned brown frillback pigeon; the regal Victoria crowned pigeon, a velvety navy; and the chartreuse-backed African green pigeon.

Pigeons are capable of serving and with a pigeon in hand, so will you.

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