s.k. manor hill Is Looking Glorious in Green

New York-based s.k. manor hill is a brand centered around sustainability, and has been since its 2016 inception.

Focused on creating “beautiful, timeless, and sustainable clothing,” the brand – which recently released its Spring/Summer 2022 collection – the brand has garnered a loyal global following, working out of the famous NY Historic Garment District.

Now previewing its Spring/Summer collection for 2023, s.k. manor mill hones in on its love for Mother Nature, spotlighting the varying hues of green it produces.

Complemented by a myriad of browns, beige, and grey tones – which embody the earth, sand, and rock, respectively – the collection is made using natural fiber fabrics and made locally, with the exception of UK-crafted knitwear pieces.

Set to show officially at New York Fashion Week later this season, the collection comprises everyday pieces like shirting, utility vests, and jumpers, alongside legwear, shorts and a concoction of accessories.

Described by founder Dominic Sondag – a somewhat protege of Nepenthes’ ​​Daiki Sazuki – as “a brand made in New York for people who think for themselves,” s.k. manor hill is a unique and independent fashion house doing things its own way – a refreshing approach to fashion in an otherwise congested industry.

Derived of any outlandish styles or mind-boggling technologies, it’s brand that not only promises to make “beautiful, timeless, and sustainable clothing,” (something which can be a rarity in this day and age), but it delivers it too.

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