Robert Pattinson Is Our Reigning Normcore King

For some reason, Robert Pattinson’s ultra-normal outfits have transcended conventionality. A stark contrast to his handsome red carpet looks, Pattinson’s basic AF shirts and giant shorts are as goofily endearing as his bizarre sense of humor.

In mid-July, Pattinson was snapped on the streets of New York, striding aside partner Suki Waterhouse with his knee-length cargo shorts swaying in the breeze.

On paper, Waterhouse’s perfectly-pooled black pants and MKI Miyuki Zoku shirt (haven’t thought about that brand in a while) ought to make for a most stylish look but Pattinson’s tent-sized shorts stole the show.

Something about the shorts’ color, sleek pockets, and sheer girth made Pattinson look irresistibly cool in an uncool way. If you’re gonna incidentally reclaim one of menswear’s heretical garments, it helps to be a hunk but the real secret is to just look like you DGAF, which Pattison always does.

But, if you’ve been keeping up with Pattinson’s street style over the past few months, you’d know this is nothing terribly unusual for him.

The dude loves him a trim bomber jacket, slim pants, and forgettable sneakers. The uniform of the proletariat!

In fact, Pattinson’s probably wearing the same anonymous pair of Primeknit adidas with those shorts that he wore several days later on July 19 when arriving to JFK airport with Waterhouse.

Emerging from his flight with the usual ballcap, sunglasses, and bomber jacket, Pattinson looked every part the basic dude, while Waterhouse looked comparatively avant-garde in her grommeted dad hat, Van Morrison T-shirt, Dior bag, and layered trousers.

It’s a bummer that Pattinson opted to leave those bangin’ cargo shorts behind but even here, clad in his personality-free uniform, there’s an undeniable coolness that comes from dressing effortlessly.

Clearly, Pattinson doesn’t think about what to wear when he wakes up. It’s always the same basic silhouette, the same basic clothes, the same neutral colors. I can appreciate a man who knows what he likes and sticks to it, à la Adam Sandler or Nic Cage.

I will acknowledge that it’s cute to see how Pattinson and Waterhouse kinda matched each other in terms of proportions and tone but their styles are worlds apart.

The Batman obviously cares little for clothing you have to think too much about and that’s a big W in my book. Bonus points for having the inherent swagger necessary to make the world’s least interesting clothing still look pretty darn cool.

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