An Ode to Ben Affleck’s Perfectly Sculpted Grimace

No one looks better sad than happily married Ben Affleck, the man who single-handedly redefined moody celebrity photos with those borderline iconic “Sad Affleck” memes. No mean feat: the only time that celebs are truly relatable is when they’re as bummed as the rest of us and Affleck’s RBF embodies that better than most.

This is the man who made gathering one’s Dunkin delivery into a legitimate art form, the man who dared us to ponder, “How many giant iced coffees are too many?”

In early July, Affleck was spotted on the set of the new film that he’s directing and starring in, a biopic about Nike’s attempt to sign Michael Jordan back in the ’80s.

The thus-unnamed flick already enjoys a pretty stacked cast that includes Affleck as former CEO Phil Knight, Chris Tucker, Viola Davis, Jason Bateman, and Affleck’s good pal Matt Damon as another Nike exec.

Over the summer, Affleck and Damon have been seen palling around the set, dressed like the most normal human beings alive.

In-between dude hangs and prior to tying the knot with Affleck, Jennifer Lopez even stopped by a couple times.

Affleck has to be feeling pretty jazzed about everything right now: marriage to one of the world’s most beautiful people, a new film under his own direction, it doesn’t get better than that, right?

I actually don’t know, because why would the man who has everything be sporting a grimace that sour?

On one hand, that’s a pretty natural reaction to some unwanted interlopers snapping photos of you and your fiancée. On the other hand, that’s basically how Affleck looks at all times.

Even on the eve of his wedding to J-Lo, Affleck still looked practically devoid of joy.

And that’s why he’s just so gosh darn memeable.

It just so happens that, more often than not, Affleck looks as miserable as us regular schmoes feel.

Even with that giant bank account, immense fame, and relationships with the actors who define American cinema, Affleck manages to perfectly affect a truly profound sense of emptiness, whether he feels that way or not. You just can’t teach that, no matter how many times you practice your RBF.

In an interview, Affleck said that while he found the Sad Affleck stuff “funny,” he’s also wary of them defining his public persona.

I say for shame, sir.

You have a gift — okay, multiple gifts — and it’d be a pity to deny it. So few of us can so instantly and thoughtlessly manifest a perfectly sculpted grimace at a moment’s notice — embrace it, Ben.

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