Let There Be Laceless Hikes!

Oh, the Reebok Beatnik. How I love it so, in all its many permutations and manifestations. Even as a shoe, the love is real.

Ever since ex-Reebok collaboration head Leo Gamboa pushed for the mule-style sandal to be rebirthed, the Beatnik has popped up here and there in Reebok’s rollout schedule, though it’s mostly kept quiet aside from a few recent cold weather drops.

That’s fine, because there are only so many ways to remix the perfect trail sandal, but Reebok has basically outdone itself by doing away with colorways and fabrications, instead transmogrifying the Beatnik into an honest-to-god hiking shoe.

Suede up top and ridged rubber outsole below. Neoprene collar for a snug fit. Intelligent overlay panels for maximum hard-wearing reinforcement. The Beatnik Moc is designed take nature’s worst as easily as it handles a stroll around town, and all without any laces in sight.

That’s the way things oughta be, honestly. The less laces, the better. Life is too short to waste time tying tiny ropes around your foot, especially when you could be smelling the roses instead.

Plus, that seamed upper rendered in low-key plush suede? Chef’s kiss.

Retro-cool Amber is my personal favorite colorway of the bunch but classic grey (Sandstone) and black (Obsidian) don’t look too shabby either, and the best part is that each can be yours for a mere $130 when they launch on Reebok’s website and at Reebok stockists later this month.

Even with all these spicy collaborations with tastemakers like JJJJound, Margiela, and SNEEZE, Reebok’s still got ample in-house fire up its sleeve. You love to see it.

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