Vicky Grout Ups Her Street Photography With Ray-Ban Stories

This piece is a part of the Ray-Ban Stories series where we test out the brand’s latest wearable tech. Tapping three different creators, we see how they use Ray-Ban Stories in their daily lives to capture, listen and share their own unique content. Learn more about Ray-Ban Stories here.

London-based photographer Vicky Grout has been documenting live events since she was 10 years old. Continuing her love for capturing raw emotion and playful scenes, most of Grout’s work is a direct reflection of her ability to stay present.

So when Grout was given a pair of the Ray-Ban Stories to create her own content, the first place she went to go experiment was on the street. Seamlessly capturing the magic of spontaneity while staying on the go, Grout explains, “by the time you reach to get your phone or camera out the moment can be gone already.”

With the seamless photo and video capabilities of Ray-Ban Stories, the days of looking through your phone to capture the moment are over. Now, you get to capture, share, and listen handsfree. For artists like Grout, who’s work is quite raw, playful and in the moment, Ray-Ban Stories are proving to be a game changer for content creation.

Read more of Grout’s experience with the latest in wearable technology below.

How did you get your start in photography? Was there one artist or person in your life who inspired you to begin?

I first became interested in photography when I was around 10 years old, but I started to take it a little more seriously when I turned 14. I had found my family’s old holiday camera, an Olympus Mju ii. I started taking that camera with me everywhere, especially to raves and show.

What were some of your first impressions while using Ray-Ban Stories?

I really enjoyed how easy it was to capture a moment instantaneously. Sometimes by the time you reach to get your phone or camera out the moment can be gone already. I also like the voice command features, and being able to play music while on the go.

How do you predict Ray-Ban Stories will help you while you’re shooting in a studio or on location?

Particularly on location, I think it will help me to stay efficient. With the Ray-Ban Stories I can quickly scope out a scene or frame up an image before I photograph on film.

Who is one celebrity or artist that you’d be most excited to document with Ray-Ban Stories? Why?

I think it would be really fun to shoot Rico Nasty with Ray-Ban Stories. She is very animated and the lens is quite wide, so it would be easy to keep up with any of her movements or ideas. It would be really cool to document her on a day around London or in her hometown.

What’s your favorite feature of the Ray-Ban Stories?

My favorite feature is most definitely the ability to capture images and then see them on your phone afterward. It’s almost similar to the process of shooting film in a way, as you’re not able to see exactly what you’ve captures until afterward. This process helps keep me in the moment rather than constantly checking what I’ve already photographed.

What’s one place, or one situation, where you’re most excited to use Ray-Ban Stories? Why?

I think it would be fun to capture some street photography using Ray-Ban Stories. Through this style, I’d be able to utilize its capture capabilities to document moments in a less invasive way, which is useful in building relationships with my subjects. It also keeps me present while doing what I love.

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