990 – 9060 = A New Balance Worthy of Attention

Jean Paul Gaultier

Forgetting about the New Balance 990 is probably impossible. Think about it; it’s one of the brands, if not the most iconic silhouette within its extensive archive. By all accounts, an industry leader, giving legs to the “Dad Shoe” wave, synonymous with Steve Jobs, and continually knocking it out of the park from generation to generation. At this point, it’s safe to assume the 990 series is unbeatable.

It’s highly unlikely that the 990’s throne will ever be toppled. Not in 2022, anyway, where the silhouette enjoys four decades in the game, celebrated to the highest degree. Thanks to Teddy Santis helming of the Made in USA line as Creative Director, general releases are as hot and hyped as collabs, while the frequency of drops is on the up – with plenty more to come. 

In the background, however, there are new silhouettes are chewing a piece of the pie and shuffling into the spotlight to offer a new door into the world of NB just as deserving as praise. First came the 2002R, thundering to front of stage with a series of desirable styles, and now, it’s the turn of another newcomer, the 9060 to trailblaze.

Rising from the 99x series’ legacy, the 9060 is an ode of sorts, yet its exaggerated, futurist build refuses to live in the shadows of its predecessor. Realized using a visible tech-led aesthetic straight out of the early 2000s, the 9060 boasts the performance running lineage at the heart of New Balance while providing a distinct edge with its thick, exaggerated midsole, diamond-shaped outsole, and split heel.

Although this is undoubtedly the year of the 990 (the 99x series as a whole, that is), the 9060 is carving out its own path and shouldn’t go overlooked. If you’re looking to switch it up, pairs are available now via Working Class Heroes and New Balance.

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