A Kind of Guise Coffee: the Caffeine Hit You Need

Coffee is an important part of many people’s mornings, for some it’s life. It’s what helps them gain focus and clarity, it’s a source of energy, and, most importantly, it’s a part of a routine – an almost ritual, if you will.

Up until a month ago, it was very much a part of my routine, until I came to a stark realization: I make bad coffee.

Whether I’m using an Aeropress, a cafetière, or a hob-friendly espresso maker, it never tastes great. Rarely, in fact. That being the case, I’ve resorted to take-out coffee on a daily basis and, while I’m feeling more human come 10am, my bank balance is taking an unnecessary hit.

In order to get back on the coffee train and try my hand once more, I needed a brand to drop some beans worth copping to get my head back in it. Enter: A Kind of Guise.

Teaming up with Berlin-based artisanal coffee roastery Bonanza Coffee, AKOG has created a unique blend, inspired by Colombia, a country at heart of the brand’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection.

Family-grown with dedication in the high altitudes of the South American country, Edinson and his wife Yolima dedicate their life to producing excellent coffees and process with the care and attention required to get the best flavors in the final cup.

Together with Bonanza, a well-balanced roast has been created that boasts a powerful guava and strawberry flavor, topped with a yogurt and melon note, and is available online now.

Perfect for all brewing styles – which means I have ample attempts to get it right – the coffee beans come as limited-edition and housed in a neat custom-designed refillable glass jar, which is a nice touch.

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