Little Miss Who? Why, Phone Cases & Memes!

Jean Paul Gaultier

Sometimes, the smallest of niches will align at the perfect time. It’s like magic, really. You know, like when Little Miss memes start having a viral moment on Instagram right as CASETiFY launches its latest collaborations with none less than Mr. Men Little Miss. Poetry in motion.

In case you missed it, the latest in introspective meme culture to fly off the handle and start having a viral moment is a page by the name of @littlemissnotesapp.

The page, which emerged on the ‘gram three days ago, has already amassed well over 800k followers thanks to its Mr. Men Little Miss-led social commentary and self-reflection, with characters like “Little Miss Can I Hit Your Vape” and “Little Miss Banned From Tinder.” Basically, it’s @poundlandbandit without the brutal British edge and honesty – a suitable for work, cutesy version, maybe.

Well, if that sounds like your bag, then the latest from CASETiFY may just be right up your alley. No Pokémon, Squid Game, MASTERMIND, or Dragonball Z this time, just the friendly faces of Mr. Men Little Miss.

If it wasn’t for the memes and CASETiFY’s new tech and lifestyle accessories, I may have well forgotten about these loveable childhood memories. Mr. Bump? Mr. Tickle? Mr. Strong? Cultural icons, mate.

The new collection covers all of the bases that you’d expect from the world-leading tech accessory brand, complete with cases and carries for your AirPods, iPhone, and all of the other modern gadgets bloating your pockets.

While you dig through @littlemissnotespage’s growing archive of self-referential memes to let your friends know exactly which Mr. Men Little Miss you are, you can shop the CASETiFY collection in full online.

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