A Napping Ben Affleck Is Another Gem for the Meme Books

If you thought the Affleck grimace was a gem, wait until you see napping Affleck.

Bennifer, aka Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, continued their Parisian honeymoon, taking a serene boat trip on the city’s Seine River with their kids on July 23.

At some point in the excursion, Affleck found the most secluded part of the boat, kicked back, and caught some zzz’s in an outdoor director’s chair.

Legs kicked up. Mouth agape (do I spy a little drool even?). Head dipped back. Fingers delicately interlocked to keep his phone secure. Shirt slightly unbuttoned. Affleck was under the spell of a much-needed slumber.

I mean, who can blame him? Affleck and Lopez are fresh off a Las Vegas wedding, taking a page from Kravis’ book with late-night nuptials in the Marriage Capital of the World, one of Vegas’ many nicknames.

Ironically, Vegas is also called the City of Second Chances, which is quite fitting for Bennifer’s second shot at love.

Affleck’s also been working on his Swoosh game with BBFL (best bro for life) Matt Damon, for the upcoming untitled Nike film.

In addition to writing the screenplay together, Affleck and Damon will star in the film as Nike exec Sonny Vaccaro and the sportswear brand’s co-founder Phil Knight, respectively.

Not to mention, it must be a lot of work maintaining his meme supremacy as the unimpressed king. But, I commend him for making it look effortless, ultimately gracing the world with such a relatable gift.

From taking on Vegas in holy matrimony to preserving the reign of Sad-ffleck memes, Ben Affleck napping on a boat in Paris was clearly long overdue for the booked and busy actor.

You rest up, Ben! Your meme legacy depends on it.

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