Julia Fox Has the Last Laugh in Fashion’s Low-Rise Trend

Thought pants rises could get any lower? Julia Fox says, “ha!”

During a Big Apple outing on July 22, Fox wore a look that challenged all other low-rise trousers to do their worse.

The Uncut Gems — or “Unca Jahms” as she calls it – actress stepped out in London-based designer Liza Keane’s “Beast” upcycled leather racing trousers, getting the last laugh in fashion’s low-rise craze.

Low-slung hardly covering her hoo-ha and awkwardly bulging on the legs, the actress’ latest trousers naturally caused hilarious reactions from the internet, who suspected the actress-turned-DIY-designer embraced centaurcore.

Interestingly, the trousers were only the start of Fox’s chaotic night-out.

During the evening, Ye’s former fling grabbed dinner at Indochine NYC, where little food was consumed because celebrity photoshoots were obviously the restaurant’s evening dinner special.

One photo-op featured model Amelia Gray and Drag queen CT Hedden, which led social media to believe Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly had undergone yassification (unfortunately, that was not the case).

Fox’s plus-one for the evening? Why, it was none other than Selling Sunset‘s Christine Quinn.

What better way to add some more hectic energy to the night than with the Netflix show’s pot-stirring villain yet best-dressed cast member?

Fox and Quinn have become somewhat of besties — or faux lovers, I should say — seeing as the two had a mock engagement during Fox’s Paris Fashion Week rendezvous.

It’s all very on-brand for the ladies, who are riding their claim to fame till the wheels fall off and wouldn’t be caught dead with less than a cheesy grin for the paps’ camera flashes.

There are certainly no Ben Affleck RBFs coming these two.

With the two’s BCF (best celebrities forever) friendship, I also wouldn’t be surprised if Quinn became Fox’s next guest on her Forbidden Fruit podcast since the show’s known for its controversial invitees like, cough cough, Anna Delvey.

Or perhaps, we’ll get a Fox appearance on Selling Sunset.

Imagine: the show’s iconic slow-mo entrance featuring Quinn’s usual flashy designer looks and Fox’s barely-there vulva trousers.

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