DJ NOODLES Taps Into The Here And Now With Ray-Ban Stories

This piece is a part of the Ray-Ban Stories series where we test out the brand’s latest wearable tech. Tapping three different creators, we see how they use Ray-Ban Stories in their daily lives to capture, listen, and share their own unique content. Learn more about Ray-Ban Stories here.

When you live a life on the go, the last thing you need is for your tech to slow you down.

Ray-Ban Stories are now serving up the future of wearable technology with shades that can keep up. Providing hands-free capabilities for everything from taking photos and videos to making phone calls, the glasses are made to work with you so that you can stay in the moment and focus on what you love doing most.


Putting Ray-Ban Stories to the test, we asked San Fransisco-native Micah Mihany, aka DJ NOODLES, to try out the shades for herself. Mihany’s versatile taste in music manifests through her Hip-Hop, R&B, and electronic sets, radiating the artist’s own sense of authenticity and making her the perfect person to lend their POV on Ray-Ban Stories.

Whether she’s performing at top tier festivals for thousands of guests or going on tour with Kehlani, one thing is for certain: Mihany knows exactly how to curate a vibe, and with Ray-Ban Stories, she can now do so while focusing on staying in the moment. Check out DJ NOODLES’ take on the Ray-Ban Stories below.

What were some of your first impressions while using Ray-Ban Stories?

The first thing I noticed about Ray-Ban Stories was how the brand stuck to their classic Wayfarer style. This sunglass silhouette is a timeless staple and was very fitting for a new release. I was also surprised by how lightweight they are to wear.

How do Ray-Ban Stories enhance your experience specifically while DJing?

Ray-Ban Stories changed my experience with DJing because I never thought it would be possible to film and showcase what I do with a POV-style. It’s such a unique and personal way to give others a better look at how a DJ operates when playing sets.

Describe how you think Ray-Ban Stories help you stay in the moment. How do you think they are changing the conversation around modern tech?

Ray-Ban Stories help me stay in the moment by eliminating the difficult task of having to whip out my phone right then and there to capture a specific moment. Also, I think they provide a very innovative and fast way to call people. Having a built-in speaker on my sunglasses means I can have the convenience of making phone calls anywhere at any time.

What’s your favorite feature of the Ray-Ban Stories?

My favorite thing about Ray-Ban Stories is the voice command feature. It makes using Facebook specifically really simple. I’m a huge family person so whenever I get a second off from touring I always make sure to call them or post something on Facebook to let them know how I’m doing. These sunglasses make it that much easier to stay connected.

What’s one place where you’re most excited to use Ray-Ban Stories?

One place I’m excited to use Ray-Ban Stories is when I’m on tour with Kehlani this summer. I DJ for her and we’re playing the Oakland Oracle Arena, which is our shared hometown’s venue in the Bay Area. It will be so much fun to showcase what I do as a DJ with Ray-Ban Stories, and then later playback the footage to re-live that on-stage experience.

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