Nic Cage Is a Supermodel Now

It’s a big year for Nic Cage: over the past 12 months, Cage has been in a trashy horror-comedy, a stirring pig-centric drama, and the meta AF Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, on in between finding time for a half-dozen other flicks. Gotta pay for those dino skulls somehow.

But Cage is more than mere actor. He’s a gosh darn force of nature and with that immense influence comes the inherent ability to model as good as any bonafide runway stepper.

Hence why Nic Cage joins a stacked cast for Casablanca’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection, showing face alongside Alton Mason and Anok Yai, two of the industry’s freshest young faces.

At 58, Cage is over twice as old as Mason and Yai, each 24. But he looms as large as the two supermodels who tower over him in Hugo Comte’s lush imagery, equally inspired by old-school Hollywood and the paintings of Eric Fischl.

It’s a suitable motif for Cage, a member of the powerful Coppola film family (Francis Ford, director of The Godfather trilogy, is his uncle).

“Los Angeles is an important city for me, and I wanted to create a Hollywood moment between models I love, like Alton [Mason], who is a dear friend of mine, and Anok [Yai], who I truly love and think is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Then there’s the icon that is Nicolas Cage,” Casablanca creative director Charaf Tajer said in a statement.

Mason and Yai’s fashion pedigree, even as fresh to the game as they are, is impeccable. Cage is no less stylish, in his own way.

We’ve already saluted his exquisite taste in leather jackets and he famously digs flashy suits but Cage and his wife Riko Shibata are also a devoted shopper of premo boutiques in the world’s fashion capitals.

Cage’s taste is advanced enough that it circles back around from kinda tacky to being pretty amazing and Casablanca, already a go-to label for folks embracing louche luxe lifestyles, fits him perfectly.

Plus, it’s a much better reason for the brand to go viral than “poopgate” at Paris Fashion Week.

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