The New Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio EDP Taps Io Tillet Wright For Latest Campaign

When you reminisce on cologne culture you may remember over-the-top campaigns with nonsensical storylines. It may even prompt one particularly overwhelming scent and its hyperbolized persona. Luckily for us, the days of fragrance dramatization are over.

Lending a much-needed refreshed perspective in the fragrance market is the new Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio EDP. A reinterpretation of its classic scent, the fragrance takes a more minimal approach, emphasizing nature and its evolving relationship with humankind.


The fragrance itself is composed of ingredients sourced with the planet in mind, including green mandarin, clary sage heart, and patchouli essence. Packaged in a bottle that significantly cuts down on resources, the new Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio EDP stays true to its interconnected inspiration amongst nature.

To help convey the message, we tapped, artist, producer, and activist Io Tillett Wright to lend his unique perspective on the new Acqua di Gio EDP along with his ideas on nature and masculinity.

How would you describe your relationship with nature?

I was raised deep in the heart of New York City. It felt like there was music playing, or sounds of sirens at all times – everything was always blasting. So for me, nature has become a critical part of my process to calm down. Nature has become essential to finding some sense of peace.

Do you have any connection with the ocean in particular?

I go to the ocean to find calmness. I’ve always slept best when next to the ocean. But there’s also something bigger than that feeling. To me, water also represents the washing away of something to bring about something new.

Being by the ocean is one of the few times I can really close my eyes and just lose myself in the sound and the feeling that takes place. It’s a total sensory moment with the sound and the smell combined, creating a complete transportation experience.

What kind of memories pop up when you think of the ocean?

The first time I remember smelling the fresh ocean was by the Italian seaside. There was a fisherman who took us out on his little boat and he dove down and came up with sea urchin. He split it in half, opened it up, put lemon in it, and gave it to me. It was nasty, but it was fresh.

How does being in touch with nature connect to your masculinity?

Being a man to me is listening, being kind, and being gentle, much like nature. In this day and age, being a man is also understanding the power that we carry and wielding it in helpful ways.

I want to be a protector. I want to advocate for animals, humankind, and also the earth. So with everything that I do, I always try to be mindful of taking care of others.

What does it mean to be a man?

Masculinity to me feels like ease. It’s just something beautiful. It’s calm and it’s accessible – not over-hyped because sometimes masculinity feels like a performance, you know?

I’ve been discovering the real responsibility that men carry in the world and that people are begging others to understand. I’m learning, actively listening, and trying to be the best I can be. The most helpful way to carry masculinity in this world is to be a gift to people rather than a taker.

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