A Furry Wig & adidas Track Pants: A$AP Rocky’s New Uniform

Some famous folks prefer to dress consistent, angling for a uniform of luxury goods that keeps them looking luxe as they strut from cosmetology appointment to fancy dinner. A$AP Rocky doesn’t do consistent, preferring to throw the kitchen sink into his closet and go from there.

But, in late July, Rocky was spotted repeating ‘fits, a fairly rare feat for the Fashion Killa.

For us normal folk, it goes without saying that we wear the same thing for an entire day. No one in their right mind is swapping garms out on the daily but people at the scale of Rocky and Rihanna don’t exist as we do — Kim Kardashian, for instance, just went through three outfits in a single day during Paris Couture Week.

Anyways, Rocky and Rih have been spotted around NYC in recent days, after Rihanna returned to the ‘fit game following the birth of her son.

Unsurprisingly, they were dressed to the nines in coordinating navy ensembles, demonstrating the combined superpowers expected of two ultra-stylish types.

On the evening of July 26, Rocky was again lensed out and about as he headed to Rihanna’s NYC hotel wearing a curious look.

It was the same thing he’d been spotted wearing earlier in the week, though with a different shirt.

Above a pair of Salomon sneakers, Rocky pooled a pair of adidas adicolor Clash track pants (yours for under $100!), and flexed the custom Serapis jersey made for his “D.M.B.” music video at the bequest of his stylist, Matthew Henson.

Pink silk is enough for most folks’ looks but this is A$AP Rocky, king of funky hats.

Up top, he wore the same bizarre, tinsel-looking hat that he’d been wearing earlier that day. From any real distance, it appears to be a multicolored tinsel wig, but I doubt it’s supposed to look like hair.

It’d be cool if it was, though, ‘cuz then he’d be twinning with Frank Ocean, who was spotted wearing a wig at LAX earlier this month.

Behind Rocky, you can see an assistant toting a large Goyard bag, mirroring Pete Davidson’s Goyard flex from the other day.

But it’s not the summer of Goyard: it’s wig season or at least wig-style hat season. Until Rocky changes his uniform again, of course.

But is Rocky doing too much? Maybe. But it wouldn’t be Rocky if he didn’t at least try. He’s gotta keep up with Rihanna somehow.

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