Frank Ocean Does Summer Gorp The Only Way He Knows, By Doing The Least

The cat-and-mouse game between Frank Ocean’s wildly passionate fans and the reclusive star is never-ending. And when the singer keeps casually riding around on his bike, it’s only antagonizing the cat.

At this point, I’m convinced that anyone who lives in New York has walked past Ocean riding away down the street, and most people don’t notice.

Every so often, a video or photo will surface where someone recognizes the Grammy-winning star whizzing past, and today is one of those days.

Photographed cycling around Manhattan’s Soho area, the 34-year-old was dressed casually in an incognito gorp-y outfit that only he could get me excited about. It consisted of a plain grey t-shirt, black shorts (which add weight to the long inseam agenda), and a pair of hiking boots.

Whether it’s wearing a simple black Prada anorak to the Met Gala or an Arc’teryc jacket we have seen on hiking trails worldwide, him wearing the simplest pieces has us in a chokehold once again. As we concluded when debating the success of his jewelry line, it’s probably because, unlike with other celebs, you know he isn’t wearing pieces for publicity or an endorsement, he just genuinely appreciates how they look.

I probably wouldn’t have noticed it was him at first sight of this most recent photo unless for the Homer necklace around his neck.

The fine jewelry company which was revealed to us through a catalog by the musician this time last year has gone some way towards filling the hole left by the lack of new music that has dropped since Blonde came out in 2016.

Drake has been flexing a $2 million chain from the brand and the Instagram account occasionally posts new pictures of Frank — small nuggets that keep us entertained in the long wait for new songs.

Since moving to the American capital his musical output might not have increased but the number of photos of him biking has. Frank appears to have ditched his fleet of famous cars, which includes Nissan Skylines, a McLaren 675LT, and the BMW E30 M3 pictured for the cover of his mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra. Instead, he has replaced it with an equally impressive bike collection. He has often been spotted on a Vanmoof but also has a rare 1990 Klein “attitude” and a Monster Ripper from SE Bikes.

This time he was showing off an addition to his electric bike selection, with a silver design created by Mercedes Benz and n+ Bikes. Although he only had one hand on the handlebar and another gripping his phone — keep your eyes on the road, Frank!

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