You Can Always Count on Kid Cudi to Get ‘Fitted for a Festival

Jil Sander

Whether or not you’re a Kid Cudi fan – I’ll just go ahead and announce my bias now – there’s no denying that the “Pursuit of Happiness” rapper and singer knows how to make a statement with his style.

Is Cudi a household name? Sure, I’d like to think so. You’d likely struggle to find too many people that haven’t at least heard the 2008 smash hit “Day ‘n’ Nite,” and at the very least, they would have heard his melodic humming on a Ye or G.O.O.D Music track. One thing that fans and those that have managed to slip through the cracks and avoid his vocal performances altogether, I’d assume, have in common is playing witness to his bold and, at times, controversial ‘fits.

No matter the occasion, if Scott Mescudi is pulling up, best believe he’s going to get a ‘fit off.

Coachella 2014? Come on, you all remember the infamous red crop top and jorts. The Off-White™ dress on SNL? ERL bridal dress to the CDFA Fashion Awards? How about $1.6 million Ben Baller x KAWS chain, black eyes, and green hair at 2021’s Met Gala? Or the highwayman-like blue cloaked look by NIGO for the 2022 edition of the event?

TLDR; if Kid Cudi is coming, expect a statement.

Rolling Loud Miami 2022 was no different. All of the nasty drama that unfolded during the performance aside, although there we no dresses, capes, or crop tops, Cudi rocked out.

Jumping on stage in a white-on-pink floral ERL short sleeve shirt, paired with a shirt that’s low cut enough to rival the rise of Julia Fox’s waistband, bright orange quilted pants, and a pair of Off-White Nikes, Cudi showed that festival stages are his ultimate style stomping ground.

Given what unfolded at Rolling Loud last weekend, it seems unlikely that Cudi will be rushing back to festival stages; fortunately, his European tour kicks off next month, landing in London towards the end of the year. See ya there!

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