Pa Salieu Frontlines A-COLD-WALL* Pre-Fall 2022

Polite WW

The best of black Britain. Those are the words that come to mind seeing rapper Pa Salieu frontline the new A-COLD-WALL* Pre-Fall 2022 Campaign visuals.

If you don’t know about Pa Salieu, there’s no better time than now to get familiar. Coming up out of Conventry in the UK, the Gambian rapper and singer has found success blending elements of Afro-beats, Grime, and UK Drill to create a distinct, unique, and totally captivating sound.

Despite his relative newness to the scene, he’s had several hits, including BBC Radio 1Xtra’s most played song of 2020 with “Frontline” and “Blessing Me” alongside Mura Masa and Skilibeng, which has completely blown up on TikTok.

With Samuel Ross’ A-COLD-WALL* standing as an institution of sorts for black British design as a reflection of the culture in which it’s rooted, connecting with one of its biggest young rising talents makes perfect sense.

Face forward as the campaign’s sole model, Pa Salieu stands in a selection of Pre-Fall 2022 fits curated by long-standing ACW collaborator Robbie Spencer. The styling and photography within the campaign are worthy of celebration all its own, showcasing quintessentially black British style ques, elevated by ACW’s design sensibilities, brought to life with striking color and lighting.

As we approach the seasonal transition, oversized scarves, technical knits, and light outerwear in a rich palette of primary colors take over, layering beautifully into full-bodied looks – the type that we’re deprived of in summer.

Why wait? A-COLD-WALL* Pre-Fall 2022 has just landed on the brand’s online store to shop its current selection.

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