Shoutout to Brett Gelman’s Puppy Pajamas

The great Brett Gelman has toiled in obscurity for too long: it’s about damn time that Gelman got the renown he so richly deserves and if it takes a standout season of Stranger Things to make it happen, I’m all in. Now that he’s soaking in the limelight, Gelman is delivering a bit of menswear #inspo as only he can, courtesy of some CELINE puppy pajamas.

Murray Bauman, Gelman’s fan-favorite Stranger Things character, was promoted to a main character role in the show’s fourth season after a few seasons in support status.

With this promotion of sorts, the comedian rose to untold levels of infamy in the greater Stranger Things community, which I believe covers most of the planet (this is a seriously popular Netflix show we’re talking about)

Gelman has enjoyed a few starring turns in recent years through outlets like Fleabag and through Stranger Things, he’s finally found the wider audience he so richly deserves.

It’s a career trajectory akin to Bob Odenkirk, who produced brilliant comedy for years but only received mainstream props once he began starring in Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul.

I personally began following Gelman through his work at Adult Swim, which included cameos in shows like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and time as a cast member on Eagleheart. But Gelman is a man of scruples and cut ties with the network for some indefensible behavior.

Even with Stranger Things‘ fourth season in contention, my favorite Gelman moment is the Tim and Gelman have Lunch sketch in which Tim Heidecker (another guy deserving of widespread recognition) and Gelman are deep in their douchey Hollywood comedy bro characters.

All that being said, we’re finally in a Gelman-aissance and the man is celebrating with a truly inspired outfit.

En route to guest on Colbert’s The Late Show, Gelman suited up in a CELINE PJ-style set printed with puppy dogs, complete with matching cardigan.

But, make no mistake, Brett Gelman is kiiiiiind of a rock star, as you can tell from his massive shades and square-toed, shit-kicking, shiny-ass shoes.

It’s a whole new Gelman! But not really.

Gelman’s still the same immensely likable dude he was a couple years ago, he just looks infinitely cooler.

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