Sulvam x Danner Ask: Why Male Models?

As Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson’s landmark comedy Zoolander taught us, male models are always in peak physical condition. They’re innately given access to the most exclusive clubs and, above all else, don’t think for themselves.

Now, Zoolander was made back in 2001. I’d argue that the modeling landscape has shifted quite a bit since Stiller’s father, Jerry, played Maury Ballstein, the hilariously piggish modeling agency CEO.

I’d argue that the question “Why male models” is still relevant for a different reason. It’s more like “Why should male models be any one thing?” Or any models, for that matter, but you get the point.

This is exactly why I’m so jazzed about Danner Japan’s collaboration with Sulvam, the edgy emerging label designed by Yohji Yamamoto vet Teppei Fujita.

DANNER-S, as their collaborative collection is called, defies the conventional definition of two brands teaming up on a drop by virtue of it being a fully-realized clothing line in its own right.

Launching for Fall/Winter 2022, DANNER-S is far more approachable than most sulvam endeavors and far more tailored than what most folks would likely expect from anything bearing the name of hiking boot brand Danner.

It’s worth pointing out that sulvam and Danner are longtime collaborators who’ve worked on shoes aplenty but this is their first stab at co-branded clothing, though Danner Japan does operate its own fairly involved apparel division.

DANNER-S encompasses suits, shirts, blazers, slacks, and shoes (duh) that, together, create a shape I’d describe as trim, though there are some oversized shenanigans afoot. It’s not as dynamic as the usual raw-hemmed sulvam stuff, nor is it as challenging.

I’m not really sure who it’s for at all, really, but I’ll never complain about seeing more sulvam.

But, for me, DANNER-S comes alive only when you witness the exquisite FW22 campaign imagery.

Look at all these old dudes! Look at them strut and sip boba! Blue steel, baby.

I love it. We’re all so inundated with imagery of square-jawed hunks and toned waifs modeling designer garments that I savor every moment I’m able to admire an unconventional model.

And this imagery has like five of them!

To me, it makes the clothes look inherently cooler by comparison, in that these are real folks really wearing the clothes.

I don’t have any desire to get back into suits and ties any time soon but, if I did, I would like to look as effortlessly at ease as these handsome duffs pictured above.

What about male models? Anyone can be one.

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