Travis Barker Went From Band Tees to Balenciaga & Rick Owens

Travis Barker is long beyond wearing Famous Stars and Straps, the bluntly graphic clothing label he founded in 1999. The 46-year-old is now in his fashion bag thanks to wife Kourtney Kardashian, who has the Blink-182 drummer flexing Balenciaga on the daily.

Quite literally, in fact: Barker was recently spotted heading into a Los Angeles studio wearing his new favorite Balenciaga Track sneakers and sunglasses, the latter of which he hasn’t stopped wearing since even before he married into the Kardashian clan.

The plot thickens when you take the T-shirt into consideration. I initially thought it was an XXXXXL version of Barker’s usual band tees.

He was wearing a Sick of It All hoodie last time we spotted him wearing one of Demna’s designs, for instance, and that’d fit into the stylistic cues of today’s Balenciaga set.

But upon closer inspection, I realized that Barker’s pentagram-printed T-shirt isn’t an ode to Void or Darkthrone.

It’s actually from Rick Owens’ DRKSHDW sub-label, adding another level of subtle opulence to Barker’s look.

That checks out. Barker’s all about the kind of quietly expensive stuff. Peep the Vetements boxers he wore for a cover shoot back in June.

A few days ago, on his Instagram, Barker insinuated that he’s not into sportscars and all that flashy stuff, which is pretty funny given his newfound love of luxury labels.

But rich dudes can be into one type of flex and not the other, I suppose, so Barker will presumably stick to wearing Balenciaga in his muscle cars.

Barker is reportedly all healed from the bout of “extreme pancreatitis” that sent him to the hospital in early July, so we’re likely to see the drummer wearing his new wardrobe around town pretty often.

That is, unless he actually relaunches Famous Stars this year, as the brand’s Instagram teased on January 1.

Of course, Barker is hardly the only celeb to get Kim-fluenced into wearing Balenciaga but the novelty of seeing well-tatted Travis Barker dripped out in luxury wares is especially delicious.

It’s the small things, really. Maybe even all the small things.

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